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Krystal, twenty, New Zealand



winter and roses by Choco Bebs on Flickr.
so pretttyyyy .

what is love? why are we told shown and know from such a young age that it is so important. it is what people live for, die for. what people are always searching for. to one day seem happy. connected to someone. someone who you can share your dreams and nightmares with. someone who understands you. but only for a short time. thats the thing, people never tell you about the catch. the catch that one day there will be no more love. and once that love is gone it takes away a part of your soul a part that no one else can replace. merely fill with something they call love. sometimes it wont even be love we are searching for, just a social compainion to take the pain away. someone to help you forget about all the horror and misery the world holds. someone to fill that aching hole that was once ripped from you. people are too busy finding the one that they often forget about themselves and how to love ones self. too busy trying to understand someone else that they dont fully know ones self and are unable to believe in themselfs as they are so used to being a unit. too focused as working as a team that once they are left alone. cold and miserable only hearings the voices within their head they are left to wonder. think. of every situation, every outcome, every moment and memory that they have lost and cannot gain back. they begin overthinking, constantly torchured by the voices. i try to block out my voices but they always return. they return when your at your most vunrable. when your too tired to keep hold of your guard. when your at your lowest. taking advantage and squashing everything you have tried to work for. love is a desease. a sickness with no cure. just be sure to love yourself first.